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Welcome to the Permaculture Cooperative Semantic Media Wiki.

Permaculture Cooperative is based on the latest research and practice in Economic Democracy a worker-cooperative hybrid multi-stakeholder sustainability research project that does education, media, events, more at Founding researchers are Kirstie Stramler and Nicholas Roberts with current projects as Richmond Cooperative




Permaculture is global craft and ecological food movement with some design science elements and emerging professional institutional aspects. Based on traditional indigenous polycentric Perennial polyculture life-styles it was formulated in current terminology in the 70's by Australian's David Holmgren and Bill Mollison. Gaia Permaculture is a synthesis of Permaculture and Gaia theory

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From Transition Towns Totnes, now renamed to Transition Network. Also various Transitional Programs and Projects. Marxism and other revolutionary systems.

Permaculture Unconference

Permaculture Cooperative Open Designs

Gaia Permaculture

Gaia Permaculture is the application of permaculture to a global Earth system. Synthesis of Gaia Theory and Permaculture craft movement.

Industrial Permaculture

Industrial Permaculture is the working title given to the process of applying Permaculture ethics, principles, patterns, strategies and techniques to other areas than agriculture. It is also the scaling-up and scaling-out of permaculture agricultural systems using appropriate technology and Industrial ecology and Industrial symbiosis. This was initially explored in Pathways to Sustainable Self-Governance. The goal is for an Open-source, Open-business Industrial symbiosis framework that transcends the proprietary Cradle-to-Cradle System or and extends such alternative frameworks such as Full Life-cycle Assessment. Compare Cradle-to-Cradle with Source-to-Source

Grassroots Gaia

Grassroots Gaia is an open-source regenerative laboratory

Pathways to Sustainable Self-Governance

Permaculture Cooperative

Sustainability worker cooperative researching and developing cooperative frameworks. Currently does research, media, education and events.The Manifesto: Transition to Permaculture via Cooperation

Liberation Permaculture

Permaculture Cooperation

Economic Democracy

Economic Democracy : Sustainable Economic Democracy: Worker Cooperatives for the 21st Century from Colab MIT "explores how worker cooperatives, when configured in a network, can promote progressive, place-based, endogenous economic growth. Here, we present two successful cooperative network models, Mondragon and Evergreen, and then offer a general framework for how to grow a cooperative network in any city. Sustainable Economic Democracy: Worker Cooperatives for the 21st Century

Informal Cooperation

Formal Cooperation

Global Sustainability Corps aka Green Warriors Network

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